Premium Offshore Talent For Efficient Customer Service in Healthcare

We’ll assemble an offshore team for you to help optimise your healthcare services for a better customer experience.

Why Choose Our Healthcare BPO Services?

In the complex space of healthcare outsourcing, selecting the right partner can be a pivotal decision. Here’s why entrusting your healthcare tasks to us stands out as the wisest choice:

  • Specialised Expertise: We can recruit offshore healthcare professionals with extensive experience in medical billing, patient records management, administrative support, and other back-office operations so you can focus on providing the best healthcare for your patients and clients.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our healthcare outsourcing services can lead to substantial cost savings as you avoid hiring and training in-house staff. This will free up resources for healthcare innovations that will enhance customer service and improve your bottom line.

  • Data Security: We prioritise patient data security in healthcare, ensuring full HIPAA compliance and utmost confidentiality to protect your information from threats, making us a dedicated partner for data integrity and privacy.

Revolutionise Your Healthcare Business with Outsourcing

  • Scalability: Our outsourcing services are scalable, effortlessly adapting to support your healthcare business, whether a small clinic or a large hospital network.

  • Improving Efficiency: Entrust non-core tasks to us so your in-house team can focus their time and energy on their main responsibilities such as patient care, research, and strategic planning.

  • Dedicated Support: Our healthcare BPO services can build your offshore team dedicated to providing essential support as you manage your healthcare business.

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“Our doctors were actually spending too much time doing medical administrative work rather than treating patients. Twoconnect was able to provide us with an employee that not only took care of our administrative role but also had a medical background. She was able to seamlessly integrate into our practice.”

The Twoconnect Advantage


Business process outsourcing in healthcare involves offshoring both clinical and non-core functions such as pharmaceutical services, provider services, payer services, and healthcare IT functions to highly experienced remote staff. Whether you’re a large company or you’re a startup who’s looking to expand, offshoring teams from the Philippines can be your cost-efficient strategy.

  • Forecasting
  • Performance Reporting
  • Sales and Marketing Services

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Medical Transcription
  • Patient Enrolment and Strategic Planning

  • Product Development and Business Acquisition (PDBA)

  • Claims Management
  • Customer Service/Support Lines
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Care Management
  • Medical Imaging
  • Billing and Accounts Management Services


Through our finely tuned recruitment process, we can provide you with an offshore team that’s highly capable of fulfilling a wide variety of back-office functions to support and streamline your healthcare business operations.

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