Who is Twoconnect?

We make it easy and affordable for businesses to build their own full-time, dedicated offshore teams in the Philippines.

Building your global workforce

We are driven by our purpose to help your business grow successfully by recruiting the most qualified employees who can seamlessly integrate their expertise to your corporate environment and business requirements.

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Our Mission

To empower people with global employment opportunities and elevate their skills through our performance management techniques.

Our Vision

To be the recognised business leader in providing managed offshoring and outsourcing services in the Philippines.

Twoconnect’s Core Values


Twoconnect believes that “People” are considered a core value, especially in the context of organisational or personal values. We foster an inclusive and supportive workplace culture that nurtures growth and development.


We uphold integrity in every aspect of our work. Being honest, ethical, and having strong moral principles guides our decisions and builds trust amongst ourselves and our clients.


We maintain professionalism in our work relationships. It is a behaviour, attitude, and work ethic that is expected in every member of the company.


We embrace transparency in our business, building stronger relationships with our stakeholders. It involves being open, honest, and forthcoming in all activities and communications.


Teamwork is the cornerstone of our efficient and effective operations. Our collective efforts define our business ethos, driving excellence in offshoring and outsourcing recruitment.

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