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Twoconnect’s extensive talent pool gives you more opportunities to select high-quality candidates for your dedicated offshore team.

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Recruiting The Right Talent For Your Offshore Team

Our trusted outsourcing talent solutions will empower you to assemble your remote team with precision. This is to ensure we place the right talent the first time. Experience the benefits of our competitive advantages:

  • Premium Talent Pool: We curate an extensive talent pool of the highest calibre so you’ll have access to exceptional professionals across various industries.

  • Customised Recruitment Process: We serve both focused and high-volume hiring, across all levels from entry to executive roles. Our recruitment process is perfectly tailored to your business for a more targeted talent selection. Our talent acquisition team is composed of subject matter experts in industry and role-specific recruitments.

  • Nationwide Reach: You can tap into premium offshore talent in the Philippines, bringing diverse skills and perspectives to your team.

  • Seamless Integration: From the initial meeting to performance management, we ensure your offshore team members will remain seamlessly integrated into your existing operations.

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Our Talent Advantage

Using tried-and-tested outsourcing talent strategies, our expert recruitment team can reach out, assess, and secure the best candidates to join your offshore team.

  • We find the right people for the job by extensively searching various platforms such as industry forums, job sites, social media, and referrals.
  • Our connections with top universities and recruitment networks keep us in touch with the best talent in every industry.
  • We secure the perfect fit for your team by conducting complete background checks, including rigorous police and reference checks.
  • Our competency and skill assessments provide a comprehensive view of the experience across all industries and roles.
  • With a strong online presence and a large social media following, we’re confident in reaching the best talent everywhere.
  • Prospects can also conveniently visit our office and complete the entire application process in just one day, creating a positive candidate experience.

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Connecting You in Four Easy Steps

With Twoconnect BPO services, you get a top-notch offshore workforce at a low cost. Our mission is to find the perfect staff to meet your business needs and kickstart business success.

Our tailored outsourcing services are geared towards fuelling business growth. We adeptly combine the right talent with streamlined processes and industry-standard technology, making scaling easy and cost-effective for your business.

Initial Meeting

Our industry-leading project design begins by understanding your business, allowing us to develop the project scope effectively.


Once we’ve established the scope for your solution, we proceed with our 12-step recruitment process.

Talent Integration

With years of client onboarding experience, we ensure your new recruit is seamlessly integrated into your local operation.

Performance Management

We perform regular employee evaluations to offer in-depth insights into your staff’s performance.

Ensuring Talent Retention Through Work-Life Integration

Our commitment to treating our staff like family is deeply rooted in Filipino values. Whether they’re in the office or working from home, our comprehensive benefits, well-being programs, and shared values all contribute to fostering a healthy work-life balance.

  • Competitive salaries, inclusive policies, and flexible hours keep Twoconnect staff happy and focused on client needs.
  • Individual coaching, cultural training, leadership exposure, and technology support enhance staff career growth.
  • We prevent burnout and keep staff engaged with international travel, lounges, cafes, games, outings, and community events.
  • We offer the choice to work in our office or from home, cutting down on travel time and making work-life balance a breeze.
  • Our staff enjoys access to gyms with personal trainers and healthcare services provided by qualified nurses, ensuring their well-being at work.
  • We guarantee every worker’s security and assistance with our quick-response support team.

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