Woolcott St.


Woolcott St is one of the premier bespoke tailor shops with four offices in Sydney CBD. As their growth exceeded expectations, the company encountered the hurdle of scaling effectively. Initially resistant to the idea of an offshore team, they harboured concerns about the value and proximity of additional resources.


Twoconnect implemented a customised road map to identify the following outsourced roles.

  • Administration Officer: Aside from administrative functions, this position provided communication support between clients, suppliers, and internal teams.
  • Executive Assistant: This strategic hire provided comprehensive support such as calendar management, meeting facilitation, travel coordination, and other relevant duties to help streamline business operations.


With the Administration Officer and Executive Assistant in place, improvements in efficiency have been noted significantly. This has empowered the founders to dedicate their expertise to client consultations, fittings, creative endeavours, strategic decision-making, and business growth initiatives.

  • Highly skilled talent to handle multiple tasks

  • Cost-effective savings of up to 70%

  • 150% client base increase in the past 3 years

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“Easily the best decision we’ve ever made for our business. Part of the reason our business has grown is thanks to Twoconnect. They really did a phenomenal job of placing the right person to understand our business.”

Michael Vlassis

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