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A leading telecommunications company that has been in the industry for 13 years, Pingco provides innovative VoIP services for business through its flagship product TCAP. PingCo is primed to capitalise on an underserved telecommunications market by collaborating with select partners and retailers that share its vision. Technical experts were required to provide high-quality design, implementation, and fine tuning services. But the cost of these resources was prohibitive and immense time and effort would be needed to source the right staff with a calibrated skillset.


Twoconnect implemented a customised road map to identify the following outsourced roles.

  • Senior VoIP Engineer: With PingCo offices in Australia, the UK, and the US, at least three positions of this role were immediately needed to meet multicontinental requirements that would not only provide technical support, but
    also develop design improvements on existing software.
  • Executive Assistant: PingCo required a tried-and-tested, all-around multi-tasker to deal with team members from various departments. Experience in the telecommunications industry would be a big plus.


Three Senior VoIP Engineers with considerable VoIP experience were quickly hired and assigned to each respective country. They’ve learned to navigate TCAP and have quickly resolved voluminous tickets, working with PingCo’s clients in installing and maintaining the VoIP system. With a wide exposure in the Philippine telecom industry, the Executive Assistant was a perfect fit and has been consistently commended on her organisational skills and excellent time management.

  • Access to Australian trained specialist talent
  • Reduction by over 90% in time allocated to recruitment and assessment
  • Supporting desk exceeding targets in ticket responsiveness and resolution

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“I previously owned a recruitment company – I understand the time invested in recruitment. Twoconnect takes away all the heavy lifting. A process that would normally take me 30 hours is taking me 2 hours to find the right person. And the quality of staff that we are getting is higher than what we can get in the Australian market. It’s been an incredible team to build and it’s been very helpful with our cultures being aligned. Anyone thinking of starting their journey with outsourcing, Twoconnect is the company to go with.”

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