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Multihull Central, a leading South Pacific multihull yacht brokerage, faced challenges due to staff turnover during the pandemic.


Twoconnect’s solution was to outsource and successfully integrate a Sales Support Officer into the team.

  • Sales Support Officer: Handling administrative tasks, lead allocation, sales reporting, and more.


Immediate and significant improvements were observed:

  • Increased flexibility and adaptability of the Sales Support Officer.
  • Improved data management and social media contributions.
  • Successful management of the company’s used boat portal.
  • Dynamic addition to the team, managing key client interactions.

Twoconnect’s outsourcing solution effectively addressed Multihull Central’s staffing challenges, resulting in significant improvements and impressive outcomes:

  • Reduced average time for boat reselling.
  • 20% increase in social media subscriptions.
  • 40% increase in sales.

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“It’s been a tight labour market coming out of Covid, as we struggled to retain our admin staff. Twoconnect found someone for the admin role – we were surprised at how good she’s been and it’s worked out really well. I couldn’t recommend Twoconnect enough. With no experience (in outsourcing), they made it seamless.”

Brent Vaughan

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