Manly Spirits Case Study

Manly Spirits, an acclaimed artisanal distillery in Sydney, faced a challenge with the time investment required for day-to-day back-office operations, which was diverting the attention and efforts of their key staff from core business activities. Twoconnect provided a solution by implementing a customised roadmap for business streamlining excellence, leveraging offshoring expertise to employ qualified candidates who seamlessly integrated into the company’s operations.


Twoconnect’s approach involved an initial meeting to understand the client’s business needs, a 12-step recruitment process, talent integration to ensure recruits seamlessly fit into local operations, and ongoing performance management. Several key positions were outsourced and managed from Twoconnect’s office in the Philippines:

  • Administration Officer: Responsible for order management, email communication, executive assistance, management reporting, marketing administration, liaising with suppliers, and overall efficient coordination of office activities. This role streamlined administrative operations, allowing the managing director to focus on core business functions.

  • Finance Officer: Responsible for accounting and bookkeeping functions, including accounts payable/receivable, bank reconciliation, payroll management, collections, financial reporting, budget preparation, and handling financial and accounting concerns for other departments. This freed up the founder and sales team to concentrate on selling products, leading to increased sales and avenues for sales channels.

  • Inventory Controller: Responsible for inventory and supply chain management, involving purchasing, reordering, shipping, warehousing, storage, receiving, loss prevention, turnover, and ensuring customer satisfaction with stock availability. This role also managed sales forecasting and production planning, contributing to more streamlined operations and better financial insights for business growth and product development.

This solution allowed Manly Spirit to refocus on their core business activities, leading to improved productivity, cost savings, and significant revenue growth.


The integration of these new staff members resulted in immediate and significant improvements:

  • The Administration Officer streamlined administrative operations and established an organised order-to-cash cycle, allowing the managing director to focus more on advancing the core business.
  • The Finance Officer efficiently managed accounting and bookkeeping, freeing up the founder and sales team to increase sales and sales channels.
  • The Inventory Controller facilitated production schedules and ensured timely delivery and accurate supply, leading to insights into the financial profitability of each product line and informed business decisions.

The outcomes were impressive, including increased productivity across all departments, a 70% reduction in annual costs, and a 100% revenue growth for the client over a 2-year period.

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“There was a well-structured implementation with a great understanding for what we need with the skill set that fits the role. Twoconnect provides regular account management and contact that supports business growth.”

David Whittaker
Managing Director

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