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Evoke Projects is a Sydney-based interior design, construction, and project management firm specialising in workplace, education, veterinary, and healthcare projects. They are committed to customising solutions that support their clients’ branding, culture, and well-being.

Twoconnect implemented a custom roadmap to identify outsourced roles using a metric-driven approach and adaptable processes. They ensured rigorous recruitment of highly qualified candidates to meet the client’s needs.


Evoke’s rapid expansion necessitated outsourcing staff recruitment, payroll, attendance, performance management, and equipment maintenance. Twoconnect handled these responsibilities efficiently. They also designed and implemented outsourced positions in the Philippines:

  • Estimators: Provided accurate estimates, budgets, and cost plans for multiple projects, ensuring timely tender submissions.
  • Finance Officer: Managed financial reporting, budget preparation, balance reconciliations, and month-end closing of books.
  • Interior Designers: Creatively met diverse client demands with computer-aided design skills.
  • Marketing Administrator: Managed communication channels and supported marketing efforts, including the annual Successful Start-up Summit.


Twoconnect consistently delivered excellent staff and achieved impressive outcomes for Evoke Projects, including significant cost savings and a 150% revenue growth over a two-year period.

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“We tried other avenues of offshore employment, directly engaging with individuals. The issues we had was accountability. Working with Twoconnect has taken that issue out of the way. The passion and expertise of the Twoconnect management team have been absolutely vital in the success of growing and maintaining our offshore team.”

Jerry Kennard

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