Smart Central

Smart Central, a Sydney-based childcare software development company, faced significant challenges as it expanded. It needed to find the right IT personnel economically, without compromising quality.


Twoconnect offered a tailored outsourcing solution, recruiting highly qualified candidates through a rigorous process. Our assessment of Smart Central’s needs resulted in the outsourcing and management of the following positions in the Philippines:

  • Customer Support Officers: Addressing customer queries and escalations.

  • Technical Writer: Providing technical documentation and guides.

  • Designers and Developers: Developing and maintaining digital platforms.

  • Copywriter: Creating diverse online content for educators.


These talents greatly benefited Smart Central by enhancing customer support, technical documentation, software development, and content creation, leading to a 150% revenue growth. This allowed Smart Central to optimise its workforce efficiently.

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Smart Central Case Study 20231101 C 1

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“Twoconnect resolved our resourcing challenges by managing the whole process of going offshore to recruit. We had access to a bigger pool of skilled resources, and it removed the HR/Administrative burden of running an offshore team. If you’re looking to tap into a bigger pool of skilled resources, I highly recommend Twoconnect.”

Darryl Wynder

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