Technological developments have opened up opportunities for recruiting top tier talent on a global scale for a fraction of the labour cost. HR outsourcing has become much more accessible, even for small to medium enterprises. Building an offshore recruitment team is a vital asset for companies that don’t have the same resources as bigger corporations when it comes to attracting and retaining top-notch talents. What’s more, offshoring recruitment services will cost significantly lower than hiring from onshore.

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By outsourcing recruitment functions, your business will gain leverage with an offshore staff that’s highly skilled and possesses the technological infrastructure to help you hire the most qualified talents and manage their performance while retaining full control over the quality of their work. The Philippines is one of the best options for offshoring with its highly skilled talent pool that’s globally recognized in terms of productivity, cost efficiency, and proficiency in English. They are more than capable of handling a variety of recruitment responsibilities (talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, training and development, etc.) at affordable rates so you can focus more on your core business.

Save time and money with our offshore recruitment team

Consider the services of an offshore recruitment team for low-level to more specialized functions if you are experiencing the following circumstances:

  • If you’re having difficulty with expanding your prospect database and sifting through your specific talent pool.
  • If you need help in forming and implementing strategies to foster engagement among employees and retain qualified talents.
  • If your onshore staff feels tired and under pressure from fulfilling recruitment quotas .
  • If your recruiters are stuck doing low-value tasks that hamper their core duties and impact your profit margins.
  • If you need access to the most updated recruitment tools, such as Applicant Tracking Services, to help you search for qualified employees.

Twoconnect’s expertise will provide you with the cost-efficient solution of building your offshore recruitment team in the Philippines. You’ll save up to 70% on labour expenditures and gain access to a talent pool of highly qualified HR and recruitment professionals who are skilled in doing low-level or specialized tasks. You’ll have full control of your offshore team so they can perform at optimum levels and maintain the same high quality standards as your own local staff.

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We can set up your offshore recruitment team with the most updated facilities (IT infrastructure, well-maintained workstations, security, data management, etc.) in our offices. We make sure that the selected team members are well trained in using various digital platforms that meet your requirements to ensure efficient workflow in selecting and managing new employee prospects for your business.

Get the best offshore recruitment staff today

Through our finely tuned recruitment process, we can outsource the most qualified candidates for the following job roles to assemble your offshore staff. Whether you need a small team or a whole department, we can scale it accordingly.

If you’re a small to medium business that wants to maximise the opportunity to outsource a recruitment team to deliver high quality sourcing at affordable rates, you’ll definitely need the expertise of Twoconnect’s offshoring services.


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