Finding and retaining quality staff remains a challenge in competitive fields such as healthcare and pharma. To this end, outsourcing admin and sales support functions can help your business pursue its growth with far fewer staffing hiring and retention efforts. Discover what Twoconnect can do for your healthcare outsourcing to help your business move forward.

Industry challenges where Healthcare outsourcing services can help

  • Cybersecurity threats such as ransomware and data breaches that can expose sensitive patient health information.
  • Increase in telehealth consultations from 11% in 2019 to 46% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation. With the uncertainties of the pandemic, telehealth will continue to progress even more.
  • Invoicing and payment processing concerns as medical practices are having difficulty in revenue cycle management.
  • Big Data is being generated and scattered across multiple systems with no single ‘source of truth’ that providers can use to optimise the patient experience.

For the pharmaceutical industry, the major challenges are:

  • Postponement or discontinuation of clinical trials that are not related to COVID-19 medications.
  • Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical developers who didn’t deal directly with COVID-19 found securing government or philanthropic funding difficult.
  • With a heavy reliance on China for raw materials, and on India for generic drug production, the industry is now experiencing huge supply chain disruptions.
  • The shift towards preventing—rather than curing—many diseases has resulted in a serious drop in funding, both government and otherwise.
  • Research and development of new cures for presently incurable diseases will take time and funding.

In summary, the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors are facing some very real challenges. There is greater expectation on healthcare, but provision is also more expensive and requires greater investment. Labour costs are increasing, healthcare professionals are more difficult to recruit and digital innovation requires healthcare providers to possess an entirely different skill set.

Healthcare outsourcing to the Philippines: it’s not just about saving money!

How do you achieve the kind of efficiency that will mitigate against decreasing margins? By outsourcing healthcare services to the Philippines.

Offshoring works well for the healthcare sector because many of the roles that need to be filled have long been performed by remote staff. Twoconnect is one of the first BPOs in the Philippines to provide healthcare offshoring services. With the support of a good healthcare BPO, you can provide high quality care, invest in the latest technologies and processes, and recruit people with the required skills at cost-efficient rates.

You’ll have access to a rich talent pool with the expertise you’re looking for in cybersecurity, digital innovation and design, customer service, compliance, data management, payroll, bookings and administration.

Business process outsourcing in healthcare involves offshoring both clinical and non-core functions such as pharmaceutical services, provider services, payer services, and healthcare IT functions to highly experienced remote staff. Whether you’re a large company or you’re a startup who’s looking to expand your healthcare and start outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry, offshoring teams from the Philippines can be your cost-reduction strategy.

You can get up to 70% in cost savings, due to the low cost of living in the Philippines and government policies that offer generous benefits and support to the thriving BPO industry.

We recruit the most qualified candidates for your offshore healthcare staff

Through our finely tuned recruitment process, we can source the most qualified candidates for the following job roles to assemble your offshore staff. Whether you need a small team or a whole department, we can scale it accordingly.

Pharmaceutical services

Provider for hospitals, clinics, practitioners, etc.

Payer services for private and public insurance firms


Software development (all healthcare bodies)

  • Electronic medical records (EMR) platform design
  • Electronic health records (EHR) platform design
  • Application Development
  • Cybersecurity tools and protocols

Outsourcing healthcare and pharmaceutical services to the Philippines just makes good business sense. Twoconnect provides you with affordable offshore staff solutions to support your drive for business growth.


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