The Engineering and Construction industry in Australia still faces several challenges:

  • Shortage of skilled labour due to the retirement of ageing workers
  • Struggle with maintaining cash flow for payments and time-consuming debt collection
  • Difficulty with increasing or maintaining profit in a highly competitive industry
  • Lack of preparation in managing safety risks that can cause delays, profit loss and other problems
  • Improper communication and inaccurate documentation of contracts, invoices, compliance certificates, etc.
  • Poor business planning which can derail your construction projects and affect your bottom line

In this post COVID era, the Australian engineering and construction industry will, at times, suffer from production delays, loss of jobs and income, payment disputes, concern over future projects and delayed imports, all affecting the bottom line.

However, all is not lost. The robust pipeline of engineering and infrastructure projects should be enough to make up for the shortfalls in non-residential and residential construction further down the track.

Here are several compelling reasons why Australian engineering and construction companies go into outsourcing engineering services.

  • Engineering roles are hard to fill in Australia particularly in specialised industries. Offshore countries like the Philippines possess thousands of highly qualified candidates.
  • When one considers salary and recruitment fees, companies save up to 70% on employment costs alone.
  • The Philippines is a world-renowned location for outsourcing services, producing exceptionally talented candidates across the engineering and construction space.

If you are experiencing these problems, you may want to consider offshoring options:

  • If you are paying too much in bidding for new projects.
  • If you are struggling to improve your profit margin yet trying to keep your overhead expenditures as low as possible
  • If you find it hard to recruit skilled workers such as administrators, engineers, estimators, planners, and schedulers.
  • If your local staff is constantly handling back office operations such as document management, instead of focusing on their core capacities.
  • If you’re not updated with the latest software which prevents you from acquiring new contracts.

Through our finely tuned recruitment process, we can source the most qualified candidates for the following job roles to assemble your remote staff. Whether you need a small team or a whole department, we can scale it accordingly.

Lead Engineer

Structural Engineer


Industrial Engineer

Electrical Engineer

CAD Designer/Operator

Civil Engineer

Junior Support Engineer

3D Modeller

Project Engineer

Senior Support Engineer

Twoconnect has successfully assisted a number of engineering and construction companies to not only cut their operating costs in non-core functions but provide drafting, estimating and planning expertise, document control and software to drive quality performance and future business growth.


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